Tim Ryan


Director of Operations

Tim Ryan joined Informing to Empower in early 2019 and currently serves as the non-profit’s Director of Operations. Starting as an outreach coordinator working on the Candidates Video Debate project, he became the Director of Technology for the related Inform Your Vote project, which covered the New York City Mayoral election of 2021.

As Director of Operations, Tim has a key role in Informing to Empower’s current focus, the Climate Solutions Advocacy Institute. He manages technology, communications, and the day to day operations for the project as it seeks to implement the largest climate mitigation solution in California’s history.

In 2017, he graduated with honors from Cal Poly Humboldt, earning a bachelor’s degree in sociocultural anthropology with a minor in psychology. As an undergraduate, he received institutional approval and grant funding to conduct ethnographic research on the 2016 presidential election, later presenting this research at multiple symposia. He was a founding member of the Humboldt County Ethnographic Archive, which is now permanently housed on campus.

Tim worked in social services for the county Department of Health and Human Services in Humboldt County, CA. He was also an assistant field manager for the local environmental political action committee, Sonoma County Conservation Action. He is passionate about social equity, labor, and environmental issues.

Contact: info@RealClimateSolution.com
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