California’s Renewable Energy Acceleration Law (REAL) would be the most impactful climate solution ballot initiative in history. It could double the deployment of new solar and allow California to reach its urgent goal of decarbonizing electricity and transportation by 2045.

Why Get REAL!

Our one minute video explains why California needs to Get REAL!

How REAL works

REAL would permit thousands of solar family farms to sell their power “over the fence” to neighbors and EV charging stations within a two mile radius.

California's Solar Shortfall: A REAL infographic

Meeting our state’s important goal to stop burning fossil fuels for electricity and transportation by 2045 will require doubling the rate of new solar power generation.

What REAL can do, in 30 seconds

The Real ballot initiative accelerates solar power, lowers energy costs for farmers, brings E.V. charging to rural areas and more!

How REAL Boosts Farm Profits

If REAL passes, farmers would be able to sell solar electricity directly to their neighbors for the first time. Small solar farms would be able to make a profit of $500,000 each year on just 30 acres of underutilized land, while cutting the electric bills of their neighbors by 30%!

Paid for by the committee to Advance the Renewable Energy Acceleration Law of 2024